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Anger To Dwell Lyrics

Anger To Dwell by The Revenge Project  

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Anger To Dwell My hands are stretched in the dark
I keep my eyes open for you
The mind is infected with pain
And makes my heart terribly bleed

I'm standing cold like a gravestone
Waiting for thee, dark harvester
Waiting to fly away, so far away
To the eternal oblivion
My soul begins to freeze
I became aware of your cold breath
My hands are opened to embrace
The dark spirit who's coming for you


Visions and shadows now is what I see
Nothing else has left for me
But my heart is resting, it is calm
I'm feeling nothing but indifference

The deadly dance is setting my soul free
And it is flying in the dark
Flying away with the Dweller
Swallowed eternally by the blessed darkness


CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music