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Tossin' & turnin (lewis) Lyrics

Tossin' & turnin (lewis) by The Replacements  

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Tossin' & turnin (lewis) I couldn't get to sleep at all last night
I'm justa thinkin of you
I knew it wasn't right

And I was tossin' & turnin'
Turnin' & tossin'
Tossin' & turnin' all night

I kicked the blankets on the floor
Trying to feel all right
I don't remeber nothing more
Jumped out of bed
Turned on the light
I'm down in the kitchen
In the middle of the night
Pulled down the shade
Turned off the light
I jumped back in bed
It was the middle of the night

Trying to get you off my mind
I don't remember anymore

Coming up here tonight
I'm Bobby Lewis and I'll be performing
At the Atlanta f**kwad for the next two months
Thank you very much

The Confederate dollar is not taken here
Whole lot of shakin' going on
Hey, hound dog
Bird dog
I wanna be your dog

Let's do it again
Stop the band, stop this music
Who got my magic comb?

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