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Kissing in action (p. westerberg) Lyrics

Kissing in action (p. westerberg) by The Replacements  

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Kissing in action (p. westerberg) Oh, oh
Were you whispering a
Secret to him in his mouth
Or were you reassuring him
In the battle of the sexes
There ain't no doubt

Kissing in action, a call to arms
Can't fight the attraction
K-k-k-kissing in action

Oh, oh
Combat hand to hand
Don't you wait for your mandolin fleece
Warfare, well I'm fair
When you're out of V.C.'s

I wait for you, I fight for you
I got to lose, I got to do
I wait for you, I wait no more

Oh, oh
Search parties call home
I'm meeting you in the combat zone

Kissing in action

Oughta Get Love (P. Westerberg)

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