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When It Rains On Me Lyrics

When It Rains On Me by The Notaries  

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When It Rains On Me I could have asked for a never ending story,
But I asked for a plot hole.
Waking up night after night of searching,
Searching for the answers.
When does faith and hope fade away?
Why did things ever get this way this day?
I know talking to you,
Is never easy to do,
And when it rains on me,
Of what we could be...

Faith and hope go with the days and nights,
And the outlook is bleak.
Wake up by my side,
No time to run and hide.

I'll talk to you,
And honestly,
It's been pouring lately.
Could we ever be?
Could we ever be?

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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