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Done Patience Lyrics

Done Patience by The Notaries  

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Done Patience Lost love,
Where could you be?
Where have you been?
Why aren't you here with me?
Come now,
Take a walk,
You could walk with me if you want to.
You're a beautiful girl,
And I couldn't possibly,
Live without you,
You have to know that.
And yet I sit,
And wait,
For someone that won't ever come.
Why do I have such patience?
I'm done,
Done with this game.

There's no hope out there anyway.
I don't even know what kept me here long enough to stay.
Hopeless love,
Is all I have,
All I've paid for,
All I could ever not, want,
But here it stands,
Knocking at my door.

Oh, Why?
Why me?
Me, just me.

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