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Coming Home Lyrics

Coming Home by The Lads  

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Coming Home (V1)
There was a day when I could say
That I'll be alright
But I'm not alright today
There was a time when I could find
You right by my side
But You're not here beside me now

And I don't know how
I walked out that door
To the stone cold world
Left You waiting for me to come home

There was a day when I could say
That it doesn't matter, but it matters now
There was a time when I could find
A million excuses
But there's nothing for me to say

Except I'm away
Away from the voice that's been calling me
And I know that it's time to come home
I'm coming home
Home to Your open arms
Home, forgive me I've gone too far
I'm coming home
I've tried but I just can't live
Without You any more

I thought that I could live my life
Much better without you
So I turned away
And it seems I chased the dreams
I thought that I wanted
Without you around

But's all fallen down
I'm left with the sound of my emptiness

Now, I'm scared to give all of my life away
Still I come, I'm undone in this broken state
And I yearn for Your love that I don't deserve
Now it's time for your child to come home

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