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Trigger Happy Rebels Lyrics

Trigger Happy Rebels by The Karkadens  

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Trigger Happy Rebels Will someone tell me what's happening?
Would it be wrong if I can't help laughing?
We all live in the past
We can live in the past if we want
Will someone tell me when the wall has fallen?
And look from within us
These bricks used to kill us
If you'd tell me I'd know
Cause it seems I don't know what you want
Jesse was a rebel
And the revolution's done
Cause every land's been leveled
With our revolution's bombs
But you and I won't settle
Holding guns up to the trends
We're trigger happy rebels 'til the end

Will someone tell me what's our own?
Did this battle just leave us with sorrow?
I know we're living on edge
But it's not quite the edge that we want
Will someone tell when the guns are drawn?
And all aiming in our way
It's bringing me memories
When a walk in the park
Had become just the edge that we want

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