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You're No Fool Lyrics

You're No Fool by The Good Life  

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You're No Fool Is he out with your cousin again?
You don't know where your cousin's been...
I heard he's running with a prostitute.
Oh, your aunt's so upset - and your man is keeping secrets

Your sister's telling you to cut him off, but your sister
- she should talk.
She's been married to the same chain gang
- oh, your sisters are all the same,
and their husbands will play their games ...
but you're no fool.

I saw your lover at the Venice Inn
having dinner with his ex-girlfriend
I asked your cousin if your man's alright,
he said, "he's not so bad, and he's all that she has... so why fight?"
Oh, but you're not fool.

You know ... you know... you're no fool.

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