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The Fleetwoods Lyrics

The Fleetwoods List of Lyrics

Album: Very Best Of Fleetwoods (1993) Lyrics
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  1. (he's) the great imposter
  2. Before and after (losing you)
  3. Come Softly To Me
  4. Come softly to me (a capella version)
  5. Confidential
  6. Gone
  7. Goodnight My Love
  8. Graduation's here
  9. I care so much
  10. Lavender blues
  11. Little miss sad one
  12. Lonely is as lonely does
  13. Lovers by night, strangers by day
  14. Mr. Blue
  15. Mr. blue (a capella version)
  16. My special lover
  17. One little star
  18. Outside my window
  19. Radio jingle
  20. Runaround
  21. Skylark
  22. Ten times blue
  23. The last one to know
  24. They tell me it's summer
  25. Tragedy
  26. Unchained melody (a cappella version)
  27. What'll i do
  28. You mean everything to me
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