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This Is Giving Up Lyrics by The Flatliners


This Is Giving Up by The Flatliners

What have we become?
It hits like a shotgun blast under the still-rising sun
These corners once preyed on by the powers-that-be
have fallen victim to a clean sweep
Get ready to hang your head in shame
when you're greeted by the new face
Of hope and fear
So lay your fingers down on the concrete and watch as they bleed
And listen to everyone scream out!
We have become!
What we were always running from
These bloodshot eyes open to a room on fire
And I'm the only one...
Holding a match
This doesn't feel much like a dream
I know that life changes
Does it change this quickly?
And your expectations could be met with tragedy
I know it doesn't seem this way
Just try not to believe
You and I
You and I
We couldn't change the world if we tried
We might as well watch it all fall
You and I
You and I
we couldn't save the world if we tried
We might as well watchi it all fall in front of our eyes
This is giving up!

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