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The Firebird Band Lyrics Cause To Be Alarmed

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Cause To Be Alarmed

by The Firebird Band. Buy album CD: The City At Night

A little kid goes from
Size one to size two
Still we have same job
What is it that we do
All the change that's going on
In that tiny mind
Still we're indecisive,
Still we're wasting time
And there's cause, cause,
Cause to be alarmed
Who feeds the dove
Who gives the world it's charm
Cause, cause, cause to be alarmed
We are pumped up fantasies
Until the world's disarmed
A little hungry face
Deserved more than roots to chew
They will erupt "enough's enough"
They'll lay the blame on you
And these perceiving minds observe
To count the final score
No treasure chest, to reinvest
Just a bunch of whores
And there is cause, cause,
Cause to be alarmed
No making love
Until the world's disarmed
Cause, cause, cause to be alarmed
A frigid little fantasy
Until the world's disarmed
Fly bird high bird
A love bird got shot
Heard the lead bird's a dead bird
A new mind goes from birth,
To full view to old fool
Still we have the same face
Just what do we achieve?
All these minds that think alike
Do damage to the strain
Where we stand the very spot
We will not stand again
And there is cause, cause,
Cause to be alarmed
Who feeds the dove
Who gives the world it's charm
Cause, cause, cause to be alarmed
We are pumped up fantasies
Until the world is disarmed
Fly bird high bird
Go see bird and tell bird
That a love bird got shot,
Heard the lead bird's a dead bird

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Album: The City At Night (2004) Lyrics
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