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Someone On Your Bond Lyrics

Someone On Your Bond by The Drones  

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Someone On Your Bond You're gonna need someone on your bond
I might be a man of lean means
But let me paint this scene'.
Your wife's a real heel
And that pulse inside your veins
Sounds like footsteps walking away
You ain't getting any younger man
I've known her a lot longer than you
Can't you see
What she is hanging around for?
The medicine breached you
Sank like a stone
You're gonna need someone on your bond
You've got a few loose ends
The abscess meets your physician in Rome
Not that long after
Death comes creeping in your room
Your gonna need someone on your bond
She is a gratis artist
Faciliate solicitation now!!
Chill the will!
And get some one on your bond

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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