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by The Diplomats. Buy album CD: Diplomatic Immunity 2

Should I do what didn't, took it and never admit
I invented the flow, yup, they different between us
You wait till shit comes, i get it and go
Different strokes, for different folks, shit I ain't tryin'
To come up short, let on, let it all
Or will i just blow, addicted to coke
Not me, some of us hood rich, but now you dissin', the rich niggaz is broke
The government, shit they make us sniff' coke
Instead of embracin' us, fuck savin' us, they gives us the ropes
A million guns in the hood, what the fuck you think
How can one another cope-- get ya stoned and then some weed
Just go, eight children broke, the statistics, every three hours
A brother is smoked, a baby is killed, a sister is raped
Somebody mother, strangled under that dope
Just get up and say, here, get up and pray
Tomorrow and promise, so I live for the day, just for hip hop
I need all, but tell ya rappers to come back, yea
We work too hard, to give us away, evicted my age
I can't grow up, like Eazy-E, a victim of AIDS
Being black is crime, I done worked, a nine to five
For three years, and they still, ain't give me a raise
Shit give me a gauge, fuck a mininum wage
Get in a helicopter, look down, shit we live in a maze
The day go fast, when ya broke, but it seems like
The minute you pay, the sun, never set
I don't sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death
So I wake up, my brother, my cousins, and uncle's that's def, yes


After the war, there's casualties, I studied the art
They give us roaches and batteries, and blow you apart
Peon, procrastinate, to assassinate under the smart
Be brave, in the Wizard of Oz, they build you a heart, get some courage
To get the light, most flow in the dark, won't get discouraged
I'm on the one way trip to heaven, forget the luggage
Chest in pain, it's making me weak, it's making me sluggish
Besides me, hogging up my THC
In my hood, everybody got a PHD
I count on my fingers, how many niggaz got a GED
My life done work more, than TV, and the DVD
Fuck a CD, I wanna be free, money for me
I'm like a cat, caught in the tree, ok, I need help
Why do I do for others, when I know, when i kno i should do for myself
You be there when you need me, they collapse
Under the real woods, in me, if I need, another match
I chuckled, pool game, goodie mob, goodie help
Coke kid, frankly, GNC, respect yes
My brother Kenny, I will pay you back, for every penny
I got the many mentions, it's yours, nigga the key to the drawers
So I work out, try to keep my endurance
We lips, looked out, when that nigga needed insurance
Lift it, G to E-N-T, Miss Pam, fuck feedin missy
I can cut down, for going to college, believing in me
I love you girl, you mean the world to me

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Album: Diplomatic Immunity 2 (2004) Lyrics
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