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If i lose Lyrics by The Band


If i lose by The Band

I never thought I'd need you
But now I find I'm wrong.
D D7
Come on back, sweet mama,
Back where you belong.
I've gambled over this town
And find that I can't win,
D D7 G
Come on back and pick me up again.
B C D7 D (B,C,D can be played as single notes.)
Now if I lose,
Let me lose.
I don't care
How much I lose.
If I lose a hundred dollars,
While I'm tryin' to win a dime,
D D7 G
My baby, she got money all the time.
Of all the other girls I know,
None can take your place,
Cause when I get into a jam,
They just ain't in the race.
So come on back home, babe,
Let's take another round,
With you here by my side, baby,
The deal just can't go down.
Chorus x2.