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Babies are born happy Lyrics

Babies are born happy by The Bacon Brothers  

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Babies are born happy Starin' out the window
from an unmade bed
I got no reason to live
No reason to be dead
Those unnamed blues are with me today
I got no reason to leave
No reason to stay

Sun in the night, dark in the day
In a January thaw, frosted in May

Searching for salvation
in a stranger's eyes
The sooner I sink,
the sooner I'll rise

So honey, don't you try to an*lyze it
Just tell me why's it that
Babies are born happy
though sometimes they've got to cry
Babies got that sweet contentment
So why is it that you and I
Get no relief?
Got no belief?
Steal like a thief through our days
feeling lost and alone
when baby we were born happy
Where'd we lose that
sweet contentment?

Flyin' to an island
on a silver plane
But we just
can't escape
the growin' pains
'Cause the ghost
and the smoke
of a nightmare past
will be chasing us
down twice as fast
So honey don't it
hurt to realize it?
we can't disguise it


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