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Tata Young Lyrics My Nightmare

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My Nightmare

by Tata Young. Buy album CD: Ready For Love

Wrap me up in pink paper please please please please
You say I'm the girl of your dreams
My nightmare, my nightmare
Put me in a package with a bow
I'm just another item for you to show

Kick it down
Toss it on the ground
Make a joke to turn it around
Well think again
'Cause I'm not laughing
I'm not laughing [x3]

Here I go, oh no
Into the trap again
In a blur, caught in a whirl
You taught me how to be the perfect girl
I'll pull out
I'll pull through
I'll kill the girl you knew

I'll pull out, I'll pull through [x4]
I'll pull out
I'll kill, I'll kill the girl you knew
The girl I knew
The girl you knew

I'll pull out, I'll pull through [x15]
You knew a girl I knew
The girl you knew
I'll pull out
I'll pull through

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Album: Ready For Love (2009) Lyrics
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  134. Zaschischat'sya Ochkami
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