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Mission Is You Lyrics by Tata Young


Mission Is You by Tata Young

As I make my move to the floor
There comes a feeling that I've never felt before
I am no longer your prey, I'm the predator

With every move that I make
I keep my hunting eyes on the game
And when my target is finally found, now it's time to play


Only one condition before I move
It Absolute submission no safety fuse
I Won't need your permission I'll break the rules
So you'd better keep your position
I'm in hot pursuit
My mission is you

No need to talk, when you're caught,
Surrender your thoughts to withdraw
My orders are to satisfy you won't have to beg for more

And you'll be wrapped around me, trapped around me
Feeling that
You can't live without me, die without me, won't look back
Ever again?...
But remember there's one thing you should know


Gonna get a bit of that, where's the thunder at
Guess I can deliver that
Gonna deliver that, why you turn your back
Got you in my track, don't look back