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Bloodstain Lyrics

Bloodstain by TAT  

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I left my right foot your shoe
And my left I stuck right in a grave
My brain is telling me to wait
And stop chewing on my leg
You got me wrapped around your finger
Tight like a piece of thread
I feel weak I can't breathe
Yeah I'm loosin' streak
You're like a choker round my neck
Every time I try get away I can't cos you stick
Like a bloodstain on my sleeve
Everytime I try to leave I can't cos you're stitched
You'r stitched in my memory
Yeahiyeah nah nah nah
I tore my pillow up to shreads
The bitch wouldn't listen to how I felt
I watch the feathers dance on air
Laughing freedom in my face
I saw you throw the keys away
The keys to my guilded cage
Struck blind I took the leap
And bit off more than I could take
Everytime I try to get away I can't cos you stick
Lik a bloodstain on my sleeve
Everitime I try to leave I can't cos you're stitched
You-re stitched in my memory
Everytime I try to breathe I can't cos you're sit
You're sittin' on top of me
When it comes down to make or break
You make my blood boil, break my confidence
Yeahiyeah nah nah nah nnah
Spineless now I'm numb and bored
Go ahead and knock I'm already disturbed
Strings all cut now I'm a puppet free
And I'm walking away ay ay ay
We struck an ugly compromise yeah
My life for your life, an eye for eye (x4)

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