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Condition chronic Lyrics

Condition chronic by Tadpole  

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Condition chronic I¹m sorry if I told you
That there¹s nothing left here for you
And I¹m sorry when I told you
That I do not love you it¹s not true
It¹s not true, I love you
And I¹m sorry if I sold you
An ideal you¹d not bought into
And I¹m sorry if I hold you
Responsible for every little thing
It¹s not true, it¹s not you
It¹s not true, and I still love you

Would you eat your words if I ate mine
Regret I ever was unkind
I just wanted some more of your time
And I wish you would always be mine, always be mine.

I¹m sorry if I left you
To make a point I¹ve risked all that we¹ve been
And I¹m sorry I expect you
To be the one to break the ice between
It¹s not you, I love you
It¹s not you, you know I still love you

Won¹t you tell me that you love me
Won¹t you tell me that you need me
Won¹t you tell me you still want me
Won¹t you tell me anything. Anything at all

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