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Warp Speed 777 Lyrics by T3chnophob1a


Warp Speed 777 by T3chnophob1a

Dilithium crystals is what I need
To start up my war machine

Unholy hailing frequencies
Spreading the destruction's seed
Antimatter injectors
Putrified manifold

Exploring my dead worlds remains
Infernal screams, blaspheme mind meld

Wormhole is opening
A travel to the scars begins
Sensors show no signs of life
Darker suns and worlds collide
Green alert
I'm coming
Fragments through a million silent stars

Beware when lights turn green
Useless phasers on my skin
I disrupt the tractor beam
Reaching the maximum speed
Beware when lights turn green
Beam me up into your realm
Weapons from paradise
You don't need no your cloaking device

The universe in under siege
No need to raise the deflector shields

Won't see no more the light of day
The warp core lies in decay