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Waiting For The Sunrise Lyrics

Waiting For The Sunrise by Symbols  

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Waiting For The Sunrise [Music: Demian Tiguez, Lyrics: Rodrigo Mello]
Waiting for the sunrise
Looking for another piece of me
Avoiding the sorrow
All night long
I´m lost in this island
Searching a shelter in my mind
Putting out the fire
Of my soul
I should go over the concepts
To survive in this place without words
Living for the moment
Dreaming about words and feelings
Looking for the way out
On my own
I´m waiting for the sunrise
Maybe the world is waiting too
I´m lost in my mind
And I feel the world lost inside of me
Now my senses are stong
And different things my mind can perceive
Now I can see tangible things
Building our society

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