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This World Is Not For Me Lyrics

This World Is Not For Me by Sylvan  

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This World Is Not For Me Living with promises - broken and light
Flowing through confidence - I know - and dampening ties

And this world is not for me, so I have to leave
And this world is not for me - now that I see...

Weakening constantly body and soul
Killing all sympathies - that's me - just when they grow
Pull up myself - desperately - at least I have tried
One day I'll know - eventually - for what I have cried
Hazy shades of happiness are rushing through my head
Vanishing reluctantly and leaving me so sad
Mesmerizing melodies within a bygone dream
Wish I could keep hold of it but I know it's not for me...

Fuzzy and doubtfully, humbled and criticized
Drowning predictably, everything memorized
Bluish rose-colored glass - black with a touch of white
Still hold myself apart - self-pity mixed with pride again...

Million stars above I see - all for you - what's left for me?

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