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Sometimes Lyrics

Sometimes by Sugar Babes  

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Sometimes Honestly, can I say what i mean
Don't you play with me, cause I'm a lady
When i look in your eyes
I can see through your charms
You're constantly twisted
I'm angry, alarmed
You're poison has taken control of my soul
but I'm on to you boy
And I won't take no more

Sometimes I wonder
Where this feeling begins
Deep in my heart, right from the start
Tierd and lonley, i moved on from this pain
I'm starting again,
I'm breaking the chain

oh hooo oh hooo

Emotionally it takes all of me
Apologies, but you
Don't really have a hold on me
There's a distance between us
And you take the blame
I know that you tried but
At this stage of the game
I've started a new life
There's no turning back
Will you now
Dont you know
Can't you see
I got over


Repeat Chorus

Had to take matters into my own hands
Falling this deep wasn't part of my plan
if turning things around is what I have to do
To get through to you
My fire's burned out it's true

Repeat Chorus

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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