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by Stygma Iv. Buy album CD: The Human Twilightzone

Wide awake I`m laying in the light
In this place the light shines so bright
How I long for night
How I wish for night
The light is burning I can`t close my eyes
What have they done to me
What is this place I`m in
What have they done to me

Is anybody in here
Can anybody hear
Is anybody listening
Please help me I`m afraid
So afraid
I`m so scared
I`m so scared
In this place of quiet blinding light
I scream In this room without a shadow, a shadow
I must be bound `cause I can`t move
I can hear but I hear nothing, nothing
Nothing but me
How many days how many nights
Am I in this hell of silent pain
I don`t understand what they`re needing me for

I`m so tired but I cannot close my eyes
If I can`t look away the light will blind my sight

Is there someone ??
Can anybody hear me ?? Is there somebody ??
Please answer me !!

Save me, save me
From this torture game
Save me, save me
From this horror play
There must be a cause I don`t understand
Save me, save me I`ll do anything

Why they don`t ask any questions
Why they don`t want any answers
Are they just watching me die

A tiny piece of sand is falling through the light
A tiny drop of sweat is breaking on my brow

Seconds crawling moments crawling
Minutes seem like days
Hours seem like years

They are endless
Time`s standing still
Incarnation of my fears
Incarnation of my fears
The eye in the sky is watching me die
The light in my sky is burning my eyes
The electric eye is watching my cries
The eye in the sky is watching me die
I`m lost in a daydream

Noone will hear, hear my screams for help
For help Lightning flash before my eyes
Needles pinned into my mind
Pain is growing
I try to hide
In my mind where they can`t ever find me
They`ll never find me I`m hiding inside me

I`m so tired
I`m so tired
I`m so tired
I want to sleep
I want to sleep until the end
Sleep I need to sleep
I need to sleep until the end I dream
The endless dream
`Til I `m fading away
I`m fading away
Sleep I need to sleep
I need to sleep until the end
And dream the endless dream
`Til I`m fading away
I`m fading away

Like a prisoner locked up They have taken away my home
They `ve stolen my life
They took away my family
Their real purose
I`ll never find I can`t escape,
I can`t escape
I can`t escape,
I can`t escape
I can`t escape,
I can`t escape
I can`t escape,
I can`t escape
I can`t remember my name
I know I`m part of their game

A secret game without a name
This painfull game

Needles in my vains
Poison in my vains

I reach the final curtain
The end is getting certain
My pain begins to get away
The torture is lifted up from me
Getting weaker I`m falling deeper
By light surrounded i feel ungrounded
I`m so tired, I`m so tired

Sleep I fall asleep
And I will sleep endlessly
And dream
The final dream
`Til I`m fading away
I`m fading away
I fall asleep And I will sleep
Endlessly I dream My final dream
I dream Endlessly
I sleep

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