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Barfly Lyrics by Strung Out


Barfly by Strung Out

One more fix just a little bit
Of that heaven I found crawling in the sun
To indulge in this game that'll set me free.
Sitting, waiting, calling me
Another wasted night and here I am again
Promises remain just promises and I don't know why
Why fight the temptation when it's all you've got
I know what I want
A moment of weakness is a moment of clarity
When it's all I've ever known.
So I give in to the old ways of the past to start this off
Lies to myself won't seem to justify the means
Once again I drown myself, delivering from all I gained
I've got no time to listen to your good advice
I'm doin just fine, down on my own down here.
I know one day this dance will bring me to my knees
It's only a matter of time before I fall again but that's alright.
It's the little things in life that always
Mean the most to me anyway,
So what if I go with a little piece of heaven
To take the edge away.
Over piece of mind I never had
Just like the living dead I walk around this place
Call it escape from reality,
I call it lookin at the world
It's not too bad here it really clouds
With both eyes open wide to the truth
I wanna burn my eyes out on the sun
I wanna be found smilin when I die here
In heavens basement you're the one that killed me first
Another endless night goes down
One more fix just a little bit
Of that heaven I found crawlin in the sun
Sittin, waitin, callin me to indulge in this game
That'll set me free, a moment of weakness is all
I've got and it's all I've ever known
Another wasted night and here I am.

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