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All Hail the New Flesh Lyrics

All Hail the New Flesh by Strapping Young Lad  

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All Hail the New Flesh devy in the corner of his teen year
born to run away
children in the middle with the village idiot
so he never made the potty grade

now maybe he pulled a little closer
cold in a mousy way
boom boom as they came a little closer
put a bolt in the curse today

now devy has to eat it in his own way
broke in a dirty way
boom boom is the beating that I hear in the night
but no one hears, so no one no and no one f**ks with me

devy wants a word with the master
I got no need to run away
down on the road isn't easy,
but I never would back away...

boom boom in the morning with the night sounds
no way to run away
boom boom as the boredome of monogamy
hits one more time...

no one must know...
no one must know...
no one must know...
no one must know this machine...

devy got a taste of some black sh*t
born in another way
and it probably would have been easy,
but it never worked out that way

boom boom in the corner with the well - soiled
bound to amalgamate
boom boom as it kills the inhibitions
...no more games

no one must know...

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