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She Doesn't Like Me Lyrics

She Doesn't Like Me by Straight Outta Junior High  

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She Doesn't Like Me She doesn’t like me we’ll never get married.
She doesn’t like me we’ll never have kids.
She doesn’t like me that’s why she always tells me
“Maybe we should just be friends.”
She doesn’t like me, my arms are too hairy.
She doesn’t like me I don’t have tits.
She doesn’t like me because I got a wiener, two balls,
And I’m not a chick.
Well, I got this vibe like she had something to hide,
So I looked deep inside
Didn’t think that I would find that my girlfriend was gay
So I thought to myself “Hey!”
I’ll try to get her in a three-way.
Maybe I’ll get her in a three-way.
My girlfriend’s a lesbian.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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