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Girlfriend Lyrics

Girlfriend by Straight Outta Junior High  

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Girlfriend Girlfriend I wouldn't care if you smelled like cat p**s
Id still think you were great.
Thank you for bailing me out of jail
Because last night I made a few mistakes.
Girlfriend you don't care if I haven't showered and I smell like cat p**s.
And if I haven't brushed my teeth for three weeks you'd still give me a kiss.
Whooo-hooo Whooo-hooo Nananananana
Girlfriend you didn't care when I left you stranded in Targets parking lot,
And when I showed up three hours later you understood I just forgot.
Oh Yeah. What can I say?
I am worthless without your love.
Wasting away, if I don't get some ass tonight I'll die.
I look in your eyes, the p**s smell subsides,
I know that you're mine oh baby you're mine.
If I don't get some ass tonight I'll die.

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