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Love's A Prima Donna (Live) Lyrics

Love's A Prima Donna (Live) by Steve Harley  

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Love's A Prima Donna (Live) I should say by the way that youre acting today
I can tell by the sigh in your eye
I can sure understand by the palm of your hand
That you know Im so hot I could fry
Because Ive chased you, embraced you n turned round
n faced you
Crowned you the truth of my youth
But you give me the line in the words of our time
Its like living a stew thats what most lovers do
Its like escaping the sun, theres nowwhere you can run
Chorus: I believe, I believe loves a lovers honour
I believe, I believe loves a prima donna too
I shoulda guessed by the rest of the men that youve blessed
I was only an eye for an eye
But you wanted a part of my innocent heart
I was only your ship in the night
I shoulda knew, shoulda knew I was out just fro you
I believe in the power of the night
But like a fool I was had, now its driving me mad
I was only a prize in your libertine eyes

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music