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Fall Lyrics

Fall by State of Being  

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Fall I was floating out on a line
I cut when i thought i saw the light
A star that shined, yeah i had to know
Just to what extreme i would go
I ventured alone out here on my line
I had a vision i thought i would find
I set fate in motion - i wandered astray
I let it fall and now i'm pulling away
But i never heard what they said
I fall to the earth instead
I missed the sound of all those voices, different choices
Follow a path - determine who are we
Caught between two worlds - my duality
Live a thousand lives down to three
Onward still - in orbit over your soul
Hit the atmosphere - i'm burning whole
Fall through the sky - around this land
I pay to answer - my heart must demand
I cannot lie - i want my soul to be free
I choose the fall over slowly bleeding...
Fall to the earth
Falling and falling all over again

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