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That Heat

by Sérgio Godinho. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - Y

One for the treble
Two for the bass
3 for the ladies
And four for the blaze
Yo yo yo
It's that heat, that heat, that heat, that heat
It's that heat yo

The heat comin thick down from sao paulo
Bankin new york shakin up the apollo
Rhyme like night people bite and swallow
But the way to recite it is soundin raw hollow
Hollow like empty 40 ounce bottles
Holla at ya boy if you wanna date models
Brazilian beauties wit booties that wobble
Booby like tooties that fog up ya goggles
Yea I keep it hot full throttle
Beats bang out and keep yah head on bobble
Instrumentally I'm rich like lotto
Fundamentally I just can't follow
Or get sentimental when witnessing my bro's
Divin, duckin, dodgin from hollow
Point bullets that turn bodies into john does
I stay positive and rock mics cause I go

One for the treble, treble
Two for the bass, bass
Three for the ladies, ladies
And Four for the blaze, blaze

[Erykah Badu sings]

That Heat (X4)

So take off ya clothes
Relax yah soul
Unwind yah spine

[Erykah Badu sings]

It's that heat, that heat, that heat (X3)
It's that heat yo

It's that heat comin in slow motion
Barbecue yah body keep yah body straight roastin
Light skin hunny's get the sun tan lotion
Dark skin hunny's in the summer no commotion
You can catch me chillin by the ocean
Wit brazilian feminines sippin on potions
Girls lookin like cinammon toast
And I got a little chocolate for yah cinnamon toast
I got the notion to get real close
That's a little self-promotion don't mind if I boast
Baby I can be yah favorite host
Break yah off wit a single or a freaky double dose
Just don't catch no emotions
I bring heat from coast to coast and
Beats and rhymes is my devotion
I'm turnin mc's into ghosts
When I talk about

One for the treble
Two for the bass
Three for the ladies
And Four for the blaze

[Erykah Badu sings]

It's that heat, that heat, that heat (X3)
It's that heat so

[Erykah Badu sings]

It's that heat, that heat, that heat (X3)
It's that heat yo

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