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Squealer Lyrics The Fortnight Saga

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The Fortnight Saga

by Squealer. Buy album CD: Wrong Time, Wrong Place?

Warning: these lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. they represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see.

Business as usual at the harmony home
Up for the weekend to see my father
So I'm the one beneath the unturned stone
I begin the ritual fortnight saga
Get in the cab, bags packed with clothes
Cassette player, the jungle of hose
A pair of shoes for walking in
Out of the cab, the doorbell rings

Hungover greetings from the man in my life
A hug, a kiss, and a mug by the fire
He says I should need a woman I might like
I drop my bags and walk right by her

Get in the bath, bubbles up high
Cassette player plays in the night
She's at the door, wants to come in
I'm in the bath, I loudly sing

Business as usual at the harmony home
I can't believe it how time flies
I'm waving "seeya" from the top of the road
She holds his hand as mother holds mine

Get in the way, unbreak my heart
I could surrender, or walk right past
I'm in a cab, looking at him
Out of the blue I hear a bell ring

Get in the cab, bags packed with clothes
I'm on my way to the haemony home
A pair of shoes for walking in
Out of the blue I hear a bell ring

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Album: Wrong Time, Wrong Place? (1995) Lyrics
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  156. ...


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