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Boomerang Lyrics

Boomerang by Spiral Diary  

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Boomerang The corner bank's faded LED says it's just past 7:50
Doors should be opening any minute now
I hold my breath just to get it knocked out of my chest
She is in my head and under my skin

Are we creatures of comfort and convenience
Or do these common coincidences have a deeper meaning?

Walking slowly up the block
You're a mirage that I could've sworn was long gone
Turn around
Make an unscheduled stop
Building tension against the clock
My breath is gone again
This feels too right to be so wrong
Wherever we go, the other follows
This feels too wrong to be so right
We take off
We collide
... we fall again
... we boomerang

There is just something about the angles carved in us
We're thrown, we spin, and we return to the same spot we were tossed
I knew that I could not trust myself
But you said, "Dear, please don't flatter yourself"

If this is right I don't wanna be wrong
If this is wrong I don't wanna be right
If this is right I don't wanna be wrong
I don't wanna be right
I don't wanna be wrong all the time

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