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20 Reasons Lyrics

20 Reasons by Spiral Diary  

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20 Reasons I picked a rose composed of mostly thorns
And petals made of metals that are indestructible
A nocturnal flower that never blooms
No matter how much the sun shows
She's always tilted toward the moon
I am simply a tiny glass insect
Who doesn't have a fighting chance
I tend to crack before I bend
I am fragile and pathetic

I am simply a tiny spec of pollen
Who's fading off into the distance
I am helpless, just following the wind
I'm replaceable and insignificant

(Oooh) [x4]

I am simply a tiny little seed
Who's fallen into wet cement
No room to grow, I am a plant that will not ripen
I am pitiful and delicate

(Oh) [x2]

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