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Spencer Davis Group Lyrics

Spencer Davis Group List of Lyrics

Album: Best Of The Spencer Davis Group (1987) Lyrics
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Album: Crossfire [Spencer Davis] (1984) Lyrics
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  1. Blood Runs Hot
  2. Don't Want You No More
  3. Love Is On A Roll
  4. Crossfire
  5. Private Number
  6. I'm A Man
  7. No Other Baby
  8. Mistakes
  9. It Must Be Love
  10. Such A Good Woman
Album: Mouse Trap [Spencer Davis] (1972) Lyrics
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  1. Rainy Season
  2. Listen To The Rhythm
  3. What Can I Be
  4. Tried
  5. Easy Rider
  6. Tumble Down Tenement Row
  7. Sunday Walk In The Rain
  8. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
  9. Sailor's Lament
  10. Hollywood Joe
  11. In The Hills Of Tennessee
  12. Ella Speed
Album: Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush [Soundtrack] (1968) Lyrics
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  1. Here We Go 'round The Mulberry Bush
  2. Taking Out Time
  3. Every Little Thing
  4. Virginals Dreams
  5. Utterly Simple
  6. It's Been A Long Time
Album: With Their New Face On (1968) Lyrics
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  1. With His New Face On
  2. Second Class
  3. Alex In Transitland
  4. Sanity Inspector
  5. Feel Your Way
  6. Morning Sun
  7. Moonshine
  8. Don't Want You No More
  9. Time Seller
  10. Stop Me, I'm Falling
Album: Gimme Some Lovin' (1967) Lyrics
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  1. Gimme Some Lovin'
  2. Keep On Runnin'
  3. This Hammer
  4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
  5. When I Come Home
  6. It Hurts Me So
  7. Somebody Help Me
  8. Midnight Special
  9. Here Right Now
  10. Trampoline
  11. Sittin' And Thinkin'
  12. Goodbye Stevie
Album: I'm A Man (1967) Lyrics
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  1. I'm A Man
  2. Every Little Bit Hurts
  3. Searchin'
  4. I Can't Stand It
  5. Dimples
  6. Look Away
  7. Georgia On My Mind
  8. My Babe
  9. I Can't Get Enough Of It
  10. On The Green Light
  11. Stevie's Blues
  12. Midnight Train
  13. Watch Your Step
  14. You Must Believe Me
  15. Strong Love
  16. Hey Darling
  17. Waltz For Lumumba
  18. Please Do Something
  19. Let Me Down Easy
  20. Stevie's Groove
Album: Autumn '66 (1966) Lyrics
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  1. Together Till The End Of Time
  2. Take This Hurt Off Me
  3. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
  4. Midnight Special
  5. When A Man Loves A Woman
  6. When I Come Home
  7. Mean Woman Blues
  8. Dust My Blues
  9. On The Green Light
  10. Neighbor Neighbor
  11. High Time Baby
  12. Somebody Help Me
Album: The Second Album (1966) Lyrics
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  1. Look Away
  2. Keep On Runnin'
  3. This Hammer
  4. Georgia On My Mind
  5. Please Do Something
  6. Let Me Down Easy
  7. Strong Love
  8. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
  9. Since I Met You Baby
  10. You Must Believe Me
  11. Hey Darling
  12. Watch Your Step
Album: Their First LP (1965) Lyrics
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  1. My Babe
  2. Dimples
  3. Searchin'
  4. Every Little Bit Hurts
  5. I'm Blue
  6. Sittin' And Thinkin'
  7. I Can't Stand It
  8. Here Right Now
  9. Jump Back
  10. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
  11. Midnight Train
  12. It Hurts Me So
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. Keep on running
  2. Gimme gimme some loving
  3. Gimmee some lovin'
  4. Let's Have A Party
  5. Trouble In Mind