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Oh Holy Night Lyrics by Southpark


Oh Holy Night by Southpark

Mr. Garrison- ok children gather round, since Eric Cartman can't seem
to remember the words to Oh Holy Night we are gonna try a little shock
theripy, I'm gonna give one of you this cattle prod and if he forgets any
word just shock him a little. Who wants the prod?

Children-Me! me! Me! I wanna...

Mr. Garrison-Here you go Kyle why don't you take it

(music starts)

Mr. Garrison- okay Eric whenever you're ready

Cartman-And, Oh holy ni- (shock)Ow! Hey what was that for, I didn't
Screw up!

Kyle-Ha Ha

Mr Garrison- No Kyle you can't shock him unless he forget the words

Kyle- Sorry Mr. Garrison

Cartman- And, Oh holy night the stars are brightly shining, it is the night
of our dear saviours birth, oh holy night....(mumbles) (SHOCK)

Children- HAHAHA

Cartman- It is the night with the chistmas trees and pie (shock)


Cartman- Cause Jesus was born and--so we give him presents (shock) OW
umm (OW) decorations..OK
Fall on your knees and herethe angels....voices (shock) OW!
Oh night devine

Mr. Garrison- Very nice Eric.

Cartman- oh night, oh night devine----there see i remember that whole chorus

Mr. Garrison-MISSED IT!

Cartman- Oh night (shock) DEEEVIIINE

Kyle- Damn Cartman

Mr. Garrison-WOW.....

Cartman- Oh night, Oh night...devine
(shock) (shock)

Children laugh

Mr. Garrison-Ok Eric now we are gonna try the French words