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Light that finds you Lyrics

Light that finds you by Sound Oysters  

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Light that finds you There is a sun,
Brighter than your face shining
There is a sky,
Deeper than your blue eyes
There is a Moon,
Lights up the day that's dying

What would you say -
If I should leave you crying?
What would you say -
If I should leave?
Should I leave you crying?

There is a cloud,
Why must you be so proud, my dream?
There is a sea,
Why must it be we're drowning?
There is a place,
Where we can be, both towering


What would you say, - If I should leave you?
There is a light, - Why won't you see?

There is a dream,
If you believe as I do
There is a way,
To keep the Sun behind you
There is a love,
Truer than light that binds you

What would you say?
There is a light that finds you,
There is a light that finds you

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