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Sonic Youth

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CD Album  The Eternal (2009)
CD Album  Rather Ripped (2006)
CD Album  The Destroyed Room: B-Sides And Rarities (2006)
CD Album  Hidros 3 (With Mats Gustafsson And Friends) (2004)
CD Album  Sonic Nurse (2004)
CD Album  Dirty - Deluxe Edition - Cd 1 (2003)
CD Album  Dirty - Deluxe Edition - Cd 2 (2003)
CD Album  Goo (Remastered Deluxe Edition Disc 2) (2003)
CD Album  In The Fishtank (With Instant Composers Pool And The Ex) (2002)
CD Album  Murray Street (2002)
CD Album  Nyc Ghosts & Flowers (2000)
CD Album  Syr 4: Goodbye 20th Century (1999)
CD Album  A Thousand Leaves (1998)
CD Album  Silver Session For Jason Knuth (1998)
CD Album  Hold That Tiger (1997)
CD Album  Syr 1: Anagrama (1997)
CD Album  Turn It Up! Turn It Up! (1996)
CD Album  Confusion Is Sex/Kill Yr Idols (1995)
CD Album  Made In Usa (1995)
CD Album  Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love (1995)
CD Album  Washing Machine (1995)
CD Album  Experimental Jet Set Trash & N (1994)
CD Album  Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star (1994)
CD Album  Tv Shit Ep (With Yamatsuka Eye And Mark Arm) (1994)
CD Album  Whore'S Moaning (1993)
CD Album  Dirty (1992)
CD Album  Goo Demos (1991)
CD Album  4 Tunna Brix (1990)
CD Album  Dirty Boots (1990)
CD Album  Goo (1990)
CD Album  Candle (1989)
CD Album  The Whitey Album (As Ciccone Youth) (1989)
CD Album  Sonic Youth (1988)
CD Album  Whitey Album (1988)
CD Album  Daydream Nation (1987)
CD Album  Master=Dik (1987)
CD Album  Sister (1986)
CD Album  The Walls Have Ears (1986)
CD Album  Death Valley '69 (1985)
CD Album  Evol (1985)
CD Album  Bad Moon Rising (1984)
CD Album  Confusion Is Sex (1983)
CD Album  Kill Yr Idols (1983)
CD Album  Made In Usa (Soundtrack)
CD Album  Other Songs A - DIR
CD Album  Other Songs DIS - S
Album: In The Fishtank (With Instant Composers Pool And The Ex) (2002) Lyrics
cd Buy "In The Fishtank (With Instant Composers Pool And The Ex)" CD
  1. Ii
  2. Iii
  3. Iv
  4. Ix
  5. V
  6. Vi
  7. Viii
  8. X
Album: Murray Street (2002) Lyrics
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  1. Le paysage zim zum (french bonus track)
  2. Streamxsonik subway (japan bonus track)
  3. Street sauce (japan bonus track)
  4. The Empty Page
  5. Disconnection Notice
  6. Rain On Tin
  7. Karen Revisited
  8. Karen revisted
  9. Radical adults lick godhead style
  10. Plastic sun
  11. Sympathy For The Strawberry
Album: Nyc Ghosts & Flowers (2000) Lyrics
cd Buy "Nyc Ghosts & Flowers" CD
  1. Free city rhimes
  2. Lightning
  3. Streamxsonic subway
  4. Free city rhymes
  5. Lightnin'
  6. Never mind (what was it anyway)
  7. Nyc ghosts & flowers
  8. Renegade princess
  9. Side2side
  10. Small flowers crack concrete
  11. Streamxsonik subway
Album: Syr 4: Goodbye 20th Century (1999) Lyrics
cd Buy "Syr 4: Goodbye 20th Century" CD
  1. +-
  2. Burdocks
  3. Edges
  4. Four6
  5. Having never written a note for percussion
  6. Pendulum music
  7. Piano piece #13 (carpenter's piece)
  8. Piece enfantine
  9. Six (3rd take)
  10. Six (4th take)
  11. Six for new time
  12. Treatise (page 183)
  13. Voice piece for soprano
Album: A Thousand Leaves (1998) Lyrics
cd Buy "A Thousand Leaves" CD
  1. Contre le sexisme
  2. Sunday
  3. Female mechanic now on duty
  4. Wildflower soul
  5. Hoarfrost
  6. French tickler
  7. Hits of sunshine (for allen ginsberg)
  8. Karen koltrane
  9. The ineffable me
  10. Snare, girl
  11. Heather angel
Album: Silver Session For Jason Knuth (1998) Lyrics
cd Buy "Silver Session For Jason Knuth" CD
  1. Silver breeze
  2. Silver flower
  3. Silver loop
  4. Silver mirror
  5. Silver panties
  6. Silver shirt
  7. Silver son
  8. Silver wax lips
Album: Hold That Tiger (1997) Lyrics
cd Buy "Hold That Tiger" CD
  1. Cotton Crown
  2. Death valley '69
  3. I don't wanna walk around with you
  4. Intro
  5. White kross
  6. Beat on the brat
  7. Beauty lies in the eye
  8. Brother james
  9. Catholic block
  10. Death valley '69 [thurston]
  11. Expressway To Yr Skull
  12. Intro (Hold That Tiger)
  13. I Don't Want To Walk Around With You
  14. White cross
  15. Loudmouth
  16. Today Yr. Love, Tomorrow The World
  17. Tom violence
Album: Syr 1: Anagrama (1997) Lyrics
cd Buy "Syr 1: Anagrama" CD
  1. Anagrama
  2. Improvisation ajoutee
  3. Mieux: de corrosion
  4. Tremens
Album: Turn It Up! Turn It Up! (1996) Lyrics
cd Buy "Turn It Up! Turn It Up!" CD
  1. Brother james
  2. Candle
  3. Guitarphone freakout
  4. Silver rocket
  5. The burning spear
  6. Today's music tomorrow
  7. Trilogy z) elimination jr.

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