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Once Upon A Time - Solange


Once Upon A Time by Solange

once upon a time in this wonderful world I met a girl she
knocked me off my feet I new I had to have her but the next
day she went away I was hert all that day
once upon a time once upon a time I met a girl
Once upon a time she came back for me I was so excite
I fell to my knees with you girl my life is incomplete I wanna
make you now and forever mine
(chorus 2)
I don't care about ya hair I don't care about ya nails all I care
about is you girl I got time to spear I wanna raise a family I wanna
shear my life with you I wanna grow old with you I wanna wake up
beside you
(chorus 4)
I can't believe my dreams have come true because i'm with you
we;ev raised a family and we'ev grown old together
(chorus till fade)