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by Snoop Doggy Dogg. Buy album CD: Other Songs DOG - W

Only one queen of a hip-hop so
Love and write, lets do it

Yeah, welcome to the church volume two
Exclusive two one three

Brand new Snoop Dogg Nate Dogg word g

Chorus: (Nate Dogg)
Ridin' in my car
And im listening to the radio
Im listening to a sad girl sing
Sang about how she got her heart broke
People reachin' for stars
I just won't be somethin' that you wrote
When you're alone it gets mighty cold
Don't act as if you did not know
She let me play with her heart
Im working late
I said i'd soon be home
All the while the girl was home alone
Let me tell you what she cryin' for
(why) Cause im fly yeah you super fly Nate dogg
oooooowwwaaooooo Im fly yeah
(yeah you super fly but me im super duper and im super duper fly)

(Snoop Dogg)
I'll be the great at this
I know you waited this
And I wanted this
To be alaberate and so stringuis
Then you just slide by
And we say you want another kisza
Is that the way you gone for his eeh?
I know you feelin' all hurt inside
But won't you talk to a playa
Let me help out your pride
I'm like the countsla, a pasta, a pretcher or phycologist
A sherk on a freak
P my technique
I where mink skater boots
And im the rit leg is scaloo
And I aint afriad to shoe
And I love to two two
Feet deep as I slide up the street
Im from the LBC
And I don't know what ya'll been heard about me
But im a c-r-i-p with some p-i-m-p too
Im a real pimp playa from the two one three crew
Now look here fool if you gon bang or hang with the dog
You best to get in
Holla at er Nate Dogg

(Chorus 1x)

Three peice wit her mate in me
Gotta think my s*i* stinks
Stacie Adams wit a drink
Pocket paddles they come from brink
So what, the ladies wink
You the one in mercedes, shot gun with the thang
Cold chiller watchin' the lion king
Cryin' and thangs
Cause im with Snoop and Nate
Singin' rymin' and thangs
Im out late cause im ground of the change
I aint wit dime for games
Cock back and im tryin' to aim
At everythang that be hatin' my fame
So stregulatin been lacin' the game
Ain't no mistake in the game
To one mother f-in thrizzle
Shippin on the sizzle
And thats for shizzle
Fo times for the riddle
You know these bahrs
Every where we go, you know who us are
You could tell by the car
Sampain, Caviare
Bubble bath, I say I love you and I laugh

(Chorus 1x)

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Album: Other Songs DOG - W Lyrics
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