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New Future Lyrics

New Future by Smile  

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New Future There's thing that has never changed,
The dream I've always had,
How did I look to those eyes when I was a child,
Hey, Look up at the sky,
The sky at night is so wide,
Yes, So that, You can find it right away
I will shine all I can,
So find the Full Moon quickly

Let's sing a song

Were always together
I'll do all I can do for you,

Day by Day

My fte until today,
My hope from tomorrow I will hold in my heart

Let's sing a song

If were always together
We can over come anything

More and More
I want to get close to you, closer, and closer and closer
I'm so glad you're here with me,
Many thanks for you!
As strange encounters came and went
I had more precious things to hold
Coincidences, mischievous days
I can love with a smile,
Yes, I always yearded for the big stage
I'm no longer alone,
Everyone is smiling
Is this where I belong?

Let's sing a song

Tonight makes me shine,
More than the spotlight,

Day by Day

Passionate looks and cheers
My dripping sweat shines

Let's Sing a Song

Tonight will never change,
I want to believe that passionate love exist,

More and More

I want to cry out,

More and More

This song,
This dream will not end,
I'm so flad your here with me,
Many thanks for you!

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