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Tomorrow Lyrics by Slutbox


Tomorrow by Slutbox

When you find it steal it - don't ever let it go - looking beyond the obvious
Isn't easy but it needs to be done - can't you see it flinch
Why not - why not - why not
Everything has a reason - you fix it when its broke - clean me when I'm dirty -
But your faith is just a joke
Now I've got a new toy (with pretty little doll eyes) - I gave you everything I could -
But you went and f**ked around anyway you sl*t -
Now I've got a new priority keeping your mouth shut
Cuz I'm dirty - so just wait til tomorrow - cuz I'll be clean again
I left my body today - I'm tired of this f**king place -
I killed your once loved memory - blocking out your motherf**king face
Finally I'm clean - (your dirts washed away)
And out of your grasp and into someones bedroom
But you haunt me everyday (I still smell your scent)
So I'm infecting her bedroom instead