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This stone Lyrics

This stone by Skywind  

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This stone I've Got A Touch Of Magic
It Keeps Me In Control
Of Where I'm Goin'
I Lost A Obit Of Patience
It Didn't Take Me Long
My Temper's Growin'

So I Dine In My Own Paradise
Where The Weather Is Always So Nice
I Feel At Peace In My Home
Buried Beneath This Stone

Got A Little Nervous
A Step Was Much Too Far
From Where I'm Standin'
I Lost A Bit Of Reason
I Couldn't Remember Why
Why I Was Jumpin'

So I Fall From This Place In The Sky
Feelin' As If I Could Fly
It Feels So Good To Be Stoned
Setting A Fire To My Home

Got A Little Crazy
No Time For Lookin' Back
I Know Where I'm Goin'
I Lost A Bit Of Meaning
The Song Remains The Same
But The Words Aren't Flowin'

So I Fall From My Own Paradise
The Weather Just Wasn't So Nice
It Felt So Good To Be Stoned
Buried Beneath My Home

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