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Hate Lyrics

Hate by Skankin' Pickle  

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Hate Hate-that guy he looked at me
Hate-that guy is acting funny
Hate-that guy ain't B or W!
Hate-and I'll get back at them somehow.
What does it mean to hate
Now everybody hates something true? TRUE!
But to alleviate the hate is what I'm trying to achieve
Take time to react in a different way is what I'm trying to say
What does it mean to hate Mr. Chinese, Japanese, Blackanese, Bonganese?
Hate is the ignorance that I don't understand
Hate is the enemy and I'm Jackie Chan
I keep on thinking that I'm not wrong
But I keep talking bout hate
Hate what does it do to me
Make me go insane like Mr. Jack LeLane
What you do?
What you do? and that's not for me
I don't understand now things that I see!

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