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Less Of Me Lyrics

Less Of Me by Sixty Stories  

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Less Of Me I am getting hungry again. When will the sharp pains end?
I thought this was something called control.
I am like those drawings I like-the ones with thin sketchy lines.
When you squint your eyes they disappear.

Everyday you'll see less of me.
My brother said my ass is fat.
How am I supposed to feel about that?
There is a closet to hide in down the hall.
Where I'll be safe for a while. I'll sing quietly.
"Oh, why does my body bother me?"

Everyday you'll see less of me.

A feminist theory? A privileged girl disease?
I could drown in clothes with skin too tight to breath.
If I was pencil thin would I disappear
If you squinted your eyes at me?

I am very salty these days-a lot of sweat,
A lot of tears and even more running away.
I will stay in this closet for now.
Sit safely down the hall.
Safely quiet. Safely small.

Until everyday you won't see me.

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