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Whats your damage Lyrics

Whats your damage by Since By Man (Sincebyman)  

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Whats your damage no stopping this heaving breathing
no turning down the volume
no killing this momentum
don't call us kid we'll call you
video tape your own trappings
stop motion picture perfect save
your spit for those who care
your battle cry is bought and sold
turning up the stereo the stereo (x4)
speakers speakin to me (x3)
tapping together the remains
converse and intercourse
all the same sound
continuity pleads true
you've bought and sold your smile
so many times
so doctor docter scream danger
and we all sleep better underground
danger the warning read sercurity is
not for we eye to eye
sounds safe to me
the sounds say the screens
say don't call us kid we'll call you
don't call us kid we'll call you
the world is dripping genocide

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