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Things happen Lyrics

Things happen by Shyheim  

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Things happen [Shyheim]
"Sup, how was your ride."
"It was long, but I'm aiiight."
"True, true."
"So you takin care of yourself in here?"
"No question, I gets down for mines."
"Yeah I know, I heard a lot about you."
"Word? I'm sayin tho-"
"Anyway, if you don't mind me askin, how'd you get into alla this?"
"Yo, it's a long story..."

I started off light, knockin off y'all packs for this kid Pat
He told me to take 30 and bring him the rest back
It didn't take long for my clientele to swell
Snitches started to tell, broke niggas was jail
Cause they couldn't outhustle me so they tried to muscle me
But I ain't pussy y'all I leave em dead like a Kennedy
Took a half a year to get a half a brick
My own sh*t, now I make profit on every flip
No more hand-to-hands, I'm the big man now
Push a black Land Cruiser, pack a chrome trey-pound now
I'm smellin all the animos in the air
Pat spreadin rumors that he gonna take me outta here
What the f**k the bloodclot thinkin
My plan's to roll up in an old black Lincoln and leave him dead and stinkin
And I'm a man of my word, word
I seen him on the curb smokin herb
I made the Continental swerve
And hopped out and started lettin off shots
And didn't stop until I seen his body drop
Then a nigga like me just skated
I know he was packin steel, that made it drug-related

Chorus: (2x)
Things happen so keep your eyes open
Sheisty ones be scopin
That's why guns we be totin
Things happen so keep your eyes open
Sheisty ones be scopin

I'm on the run from po-po
Some crab niggas pulled the b**ch move
My blood pressure's high but I play it calm and smooth
Everybody's my enemy, can't trust no one
The last time I trust a trust I almost got done
So keep your eyes open and beware of the ruckus
Cause life ain't nothin but thirsty, grity muthaf**kers
I ran with niggas that will kill ya warm dead
Keep it real is who I pumped into them niggas little heads
My granddad, he used to call me Killer now I am
Everybody where I used to chill, f**k them
My mind was playin tricks on me shorty
Once I was like "Turn yourself in and do the time" (yo f**k that)
The pigs wanted five, tell my moms I love her
And stay strong and don't fall
I'm in the hands of the Lord

Chorus (2x)

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