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Surrender Lyrics by Shindig


Surrender by Shindig

Give me what i need to make it through tomorrow.
I'm begging.
Please, i don't want to drown in sorrow again tonight
Like i have for so long, for so long now.
What you've given me i'll never give.
You gave it all, your heart, your soul.
As the smoke clears you slowly start to see,
I'm not what you've dreamed.
I'm lying on the floor.
I've got nothing left.
Watch me fall apart.
I surrender.
As you comfort me,
I can now see that what you want you'll never get.
I will only build you up so high just to tear you down.
Nothing you see is real.
The person you know doesn't even exist anymore.
And the smile?
It's just a mask that keeps you from seeing the real me.