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I got love Lyrics

I got love by Sharissa  

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I got love It's been a while since I felt love
Been through all the bullsh*t men can do
But never have I known someone
That made me feel like everything is cool
He's the one that makes me smile
[Every night he loves me nice yes he does]
I know that now I have the one
That's gonna keep me happy all my life
He's my baby

I got love this time
I know this one's right
Cause he sends me on a high
Filled with joy cause love is
In my life right now, ooooooh

I keep my baby satisfied
I do everything to keep him straight
He makes me feel beautiful
Ladies do you feel what I gotta say
See I can never hurt this boy
[Because of him I'm filled with joy, yes I am]
Whatever it is I can do
To make him stay with me
Then I will do
Cause he's my baby


I just love my man
So I'ma keep him satisfied, y'all
I just found lovin
I'm tryin to keep it in my life
Come on y'all
I found love right now
I got love, I got love


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