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Shannon Mcnally Lyrics

Shannon Mcnally List of Lyrics

Album: Coldwater (2010) Lyrics
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Album: Geronimo (2005) Lyrics
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Album: Run For Cover (2004) Lyrics
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  1. A change is gonna come
  2. It's all over now baby blue
  3. I'd rather go blind
  4. Honest i do
  5. All my tears
  6. Bring it on home
  7. Going back to memphis
  8. You really got a hold on me
  9. Brother warrior
  10. Lowlands
Album: Ran On Pure Lightning (Duet With Neal Casal) (2003) Lyrics
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  1. Pale moon
  2. Fierce little bird
  3. Sunset flood
  4. John finch
  5. Swing me easy
  6. In my mind
  7. Brings me back to you
  8. Benmont's boogie
Album: Jukebox Sparrows (2002) Lyrics
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Album: Bolder Than Paradise [Ep] (2000) Lyrics
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  1. Down and dirty
  2. Bitter blue
  3. Bolder than paradise
  4. Love hate
  5. Just like chicken
  6. 50 ways
Album: Shannon McNally - Geronimo Lyrics
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